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The IHHN Holistic Health Network Directory is the most comprehensive directory of holistic and alternative wellness practitioners in Indiana, Nearby Ohio, and Kentucky. Click to find out how you can become an IHHN Associate.


The Indiana Holistic Health Network Directory is a mind, body and spirit resource of Indiana's Holistic and Alternative Healing, and Wellness Practitioners, products and service providers. The non-profit IHHN encompasses neighboring areas in Kentucky and Ohio. Our Directory features a wide selection of Healing, Holistic and Alternative Wellness Services and resources, Natural Products, including Local Whole Food resources, Calendar of Events, and Green Merchants offering services, products, databases and more.

We believe in living healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lifestyles, and in working with others who have the same intentions.

The IHHN Directory makes it easy to find your services, products and resources.

We offer cost effective Web Displays and advertising opportunities for Holistic Healers, Alternative Health Services, Events and Natural Products Merchants.

When you advertise with the Indiana Holistic Health Network, your support allows us to support you by maintaining and enhancing our network visability. The more we work together, the stronger the IHHN presence, and in turn, the more people we can attract to your services and products.


We want the Indiana Holistic Health Network to provide the most comprehensive range of holistic healing and wellness resources available on the web for our chosen area within Indiana, nearby Kentucky and Ohio. Further, we want to work with you to bring your skills, products, and talents out into the community.

We seek to provide information to act as a complement to medical care. This information is to help you in accessing services that may be beneficial to you and that may enhance and facilitate wellness and wellbeing on your life journey.

May good come to you and yours, and may the resources that support your health and wellness of mind, body and spirit come easily to you. Enjoy using this information resource. We appreciate your support.

To help support this work, donations are welcome and can be made by making out a check to Indiana Holistic Health Network-CSL and sending your tax-deductible donation to:

Indiana Holistic Health Network
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Bloomington, Indiana 47407

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A mind, body and spirit network of Indiana's Holistic and Alternative Healing and Wellness Practitioners including neighboring areas in Kentucky and Ohio.
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