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The IHHN Holistic Health Network Directory is the most comprehensive directory of holistic and alternative wellness practitioners in Indiana, Nearby Ohio, and Kentuky.Click to find out how you can become an IHHN Associate.


Alternative Research
A.R.E. Clinic
Ask Dr. Weil
Chopra, Deepak
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Colorado Hemp Initiative Homepage
Complementary and Alternative Medicines Institute
DAAIR - (HIV and other chronic diseases)
DRC net
Drug Policy Alliance
Dyer, Wayne
ELIXIER Entheobotanic
Entheogen Dot
Erowid Entheogen
Health Science Report - Dr. Joe Glickman, Jr
Health Web - hippocrates.html
High Times
Hyperborea (Terence McKenna)
Karma Net -
Kava Page, Lee Kagan's
Kombucha Center
Mayo Cinic
National Institutes of Health
National NORML Homepage
Indiana NORML
The Schaffer On Line Library of Drug Policy
New Scientist
The Foundation for Innovation in Medicine
Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Neutriceutical Alliance
Reiki In Hospitals
Schaffer Library of Drug Policy
The Latese Ibogaine Dossier
The Lycaeum
The Ones That Stain Blue
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Institute
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A mind, body and spirit network of Indiana's Holistic and Alternative Healing and Wellness Practitioners including neighboring areas in Kentucky and Ohio.
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