Hay Bales on Fog Morning North of Bloomington, IN
4th Annual
November 12, 13, 14 2009
Bloomington, Indiana
This year our focus is on "Living Simply Well, Community Building, Eating Local and Eating Healing Meals"

May we never hunger. ¡Que nunca tengamos hambre!" "May we never thirst! ¡Que nunca tengamos sed!" - Starhawk, The Fifth Sacred Thing

4th Annual " Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities "
Wellness Expo & Simply Living Fair
- November 12-14th, 2009

But the most daring thing is to create stable communities ....... -Kurt Vonnegut

Join us in the forth annual "Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities" Simply Living Fair and Wellness Expo as we work together to share resources and nurture our ideas for healthy, sustainable "green living ". It is our hope to educate and inspire one another as we explore some of the many possibilities available locally and beyond that can support our living as a healthier community. This year our focus is on "Living Simply Well, Community Building, Eating Local and Eating Healing Meals" featuring workshops, speakers, exhibitiors, local food dinner, childrens activities and healing sound concert! As we learn how to live and act more sustainabably, we in turn learn how to become healthier individuals developing more stable communities that will benefit generations to come.

To help us have a broader view of possibilities as we move toward creating our sustainable communitity, Key Note, Diana Leafe Christian, Editor of Communities Magazine, will present "Ecovillages: Where They Are, What They're Doing, Why They're Important" With over 400 photos,showing ecovillages worldwide and how they integrate aspects to achieve ecological, economic, and social/cultural/spiritual sustainability.

Ecovillages are human settlements developed toward sustainability. They take into consideration all aspects of life, including environmental, economic, social, human and cultural. They integrate themselves in harmony and respect to the natural surroundings, promoting health, wellbeing and enduring systems of development for the indefinite future.

Ecovillages can be home to a variety of eco-neighborhoods where small groups share a long-term vision of being organized in a way that improves the quality of their lives and is in harmony with the environment.

Diana's presentation shows why ecovillagers are devoted to developing these ecological settlements, how ecovillages are beneficially influencing the wider culture, and how ecovillages will most likely affect patterns of human settlement in the near future.

Diana Leafe Christian will also participate in a Community Conversation moderated by Martha Crouch Phd. and a workshop.

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